Guided Meditation For Millennials And How To Avoid Mid-Life Crises

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Nowadays millennials are taking over the competitive business world. They are becoming more ambitious but also stressed at the same time. So, they want to maintain their inner peace and mental stability. If they don’t include some level of relaxation in their routine, they know that they will experience a decline in their decision-making ability, problem-solving skill, and productivity levels. 


Why Meditation Is For The Millenials?

Different forms of meditation can help millennials maintain their energy, focus, and abilities. For example, yoga, mindfulness, and qigong. All the meditation exercises aim to develop harmony between the mind, body, and spirit but the difference lies in their focus. Some meditation exercises focus on physical strength and stamina to achieve the ultimate goal whereas other meditation practices strengthen the mind and the emotional aspect of practitioners. Beginners might think that meditation is all about no pain and no gain situation. It is the opposite. Meditation coaches always encourage individuals to go slow and steady. It is because one aim of meditation is to feel relaxed and stable within. If somebody tries to rush things, it will only backfire and result in more stress levels. Therefore, meditation exercises are important strategies to feel in control of your life. 

When millennials reach their mid-life, they can face different issues that can hinder their performance and confuse the person entirely. In such contexts, it is important to practice meditation so that the issues can be dealt with by using healthy coping strategies. 

Guided Meditation – The Stress-Free Future

Meditation exercises not only have the above mentioned benefits but also many more. For instance, it improves the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It also lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Moreover, it enhances self-awareness and the quality of relationships. It is extremely helpful in dealing with mid-life crises and other life challenges. The age range for mid-life crises usually is between 35 to 65 years. Men and women go through some common and some unique issues in their mid-life. The issues can be mental, physical, and emotional. Some common issues that both genders can face are: 

  • Persistent feelings of sadness and low personal confidence even after going through a positive event in life
  • Experiencing a lack of direction or purpose in life
  • Going through low life satisfaction
  • Frequent feelings of nostalgia
  • Constant impulsivity
  • Frequent comparison with others

Note: Women can experience the above symptoms with more intensity than men. Men can experience more unpleasant emotions like fear, anger, and irritation. 

The Rewards of Meditation for Mid-Life and Millenials

Healthy Changes in the Brain

Research published in NCBI found that mindfulness meditation enhanced gray matter in the brain areas of participants. The participants experienced a healthy change in those brain areas which were associated with learning and memory and many more. For example, improvement in the hippocampus, and a reduction in the size of the amygdala were observed. The positive change happened only with the meditation intervention of 8 weeks. 

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

It was in 2017 the American Heart Association (AHA) publicized research that claimed that meditation reduced the bodily stress response, improved blood pressure, and atherosclerosis symptoms. All the factors are linked with heart disease. 

The research paper found modest support for meditation as a suitable strategy for dealing with heart disease. The modest support was found because researchers want to look at mortality rates instead of factors like blood pressure and subjective reports of wellbeing. 


However, the research showed that the benefits of meditation were more than its costs. We know that meditation exercises influence an individual’s life completely i.e. improve perception. When an individual’s perception improves, life satisfaction increases. Hence, physical health improves significantly. 

Effective Pain Relief

Mindfulness meditation is an excellent way to deal with pain. Research published in National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) has supported the claim. It is good news because it provides a strategy for pain management other than drugs (opioids). 

Some people opt for meditation practices when they do not find pain relief from mainstream medical practices. It is also the case that the experience of chronic pain increases with an increase in age. 

Better Mental Health

Multiple studies have supported the potential of meditation exercises to improve mental health. It greatly improves the symptoms of depression and anxiety. For instance, a meta-analysis showed that Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) meditation can help people suffering from mild to severe (intensity) mental illnesses. 

Longer Life Span

We know that mindfulness meditation is a great way to tackle stress. It has so much deep influence that it can impact telomeres at the end of a DNA strain. Telomeres can be understood as safety caps made up of proteins. They play an important role in immunity and the rate of aging. It means that short telomeres are linked with faster aging and low immunity. However, longer telomeres are associated with better immunity and slower aging. Fortunately, meditation exercises help with protecting the length of telomeres. Therefore, millennials can enjoy a longer life span. 


A Reminder of Personal Transformation for Millennials

Now millennials should be able to slow down (in the midst of their fast-paced day) and avoid comparisons with others. They should be able to deal with their anxiety properly. Moreover, they should feel an increase in their emotional awareness. In this way, they should see the necessary self-development and deal with the mid-life crisis.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, meditation requires consistent effort otherwise it can be very difficult to experience its benefits in daily life. Multiple benefits of meditation for millennials and those going through a mid-life crisis are healthy changes in the brain and a lower risk of heart disease. It also enables one to experience effective pain relief, better mental health, and longevity. There are online courses available on the Sureself platform that can help individuals in dealing with life challenges.

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