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Introduction to Personal Energy Management

Personal energy management is the process of keeping mental and emotional stress at a manageable level. In market terms, personal energy management can be thought of as a kind of “psychological insurance.” Good personal energy management ensures that the individual will not be overwhelmed by unexpected stress which might affect performance or health. Those who manage their personal energy well are less likely to suffer from psychological problems such as low self-esteem, depression, chronic anger, reckless behavior, etc. 

By contrast, those with poor mental and emotional habits tend to wear their bodies out more quickly due to the effect on physical health from reduced immune response leading to greater sickness rates. In essence, it is possible through good self-management practices to reduce both psychological and physical health problems.

Supercharge Yourself to get things Done Right Away!

Sureself has got a knack for providing the Avant-grade courses to the masses out there. If you have the inner voice that provokes you every day to do more, this is probably the consistent thing your personality craves the most. If you have ever wished to supercharge yourself for a more consistent flow of energy, then all your queries have been answered. With Sureself you can achieve your energy goals. 

What is it that is holding you back in life? A lot of us make the mistaken assumption that it is time. We think that if only we had a little more time, then we could get all kinds of things done.

Personal Energy Management is an Investment!

A person can choose to invest in personal energy management as a method of avoiding future health problems that might result from chronic stress. In addition to being largely psychological in nature, those who manage their personal energy experience fewer health problems such as high blood pressure. By contrast, those with poor mental habits tend to reduce their immune function leading to higher rates of sickness, which over time could lead to heart disease or other serious conditions because the body is not fighting off infections properly.

What is a Personal Development Course about energy?

A personal development course ‘for supercharging yourself’ follows a simple approach, in this course, it’s important to see yourself as a whole being with physical, mental and emotional parts. According to esoteric science, there are three bodies or levels of existence: physical (etheric), emotional-mental (astral) and mental (spiritual). We have a physical body that is visible for everyone, and emotional/mental body that can be felt by others around us and through which we communicate with them, and the mental body where the literal ‘house’ of our spirit resides.

Modern science has discovered that these three bodies are not separate from each other but are closely intertwined with each other, so it may be easier to understand yourself as being “of one substance” or “like water” with all three at once. However, they also lead independent lives of their own in many ways. So if your goal is personal development, you should learn how to develop all three aspects of yourself instead of just focusing on one or two parts.

The most important aspect about the three bodies is that they are all made of energy, and this is what makes up the fourth body ‘energy body, which also has etheric, emotional-mental and mental components. 

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What Will You Learn?

  • Why Energy Management Is Better Than Time Management
  • Coming To Terms With Energy Management
  • Our Strategy For Boosting Energy
  • This Is Where Everything Changes
  • Why You'Ve Failed To Get Into Shape
  • Deciding What Matters
  • Kaizen - The Small Changes That Will Supercharge
  • How To Enhance Your Sleep To Enhance Your Day
  • Waking Up Full Of Beans
  • Get Up On Time Every Time
  • Why You Feel Ill In The Morning
  • CBT For Getting To Sleep
  • Ride The Tide
  • Why Your Body Has Energy Cycles
  • How To Manage Your Energy Levels
  • Finding A Routine For Optimum Performance
  • The Devastating Effect Of Stress
  • How To Prevent Stress From Destroying Your Energy Levels
  • Training For Energy
  • A Basic Training Program To Boost Your Energy

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  • Why Energy Management Time Management

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