3 Steps to Improve Your Communication Skills

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About Course

If you want to disseminate your knowledge, but every time you get stuck or confused while speaking in the crowd! If you are going through the issue mentioned before then this is your time to join hands with Sureself, our courses are here to build confidence and add spark to your communication skills. Understand why communication is a critical step and how sometimes it can be so challenging.

Your communication is the first and foremost thing people observe, investing in your communication skills is always worth it. Improving communication drastically changes the perception of people `about you, a meaningful and impactful communication never goes out of trend especially whenever there’s a chance for a conflict of interest. 

If you want to be remembered as someone who wants to understand other people instead of just being right, then following these three simple tips which would be taught in our course for ‘Effective Communication’. Just giving you an overview of how to get you started for communication that lasts and impact others.

Do not start your sentences with “you”

Using “you” in order to convey messages backfires because will often feel like you’re accusing them instead of just talking to them, so start using “I” more often.

Do not use the word “but” to introduce something else you disagree with!

The word “but” always derails the conversation because it’s basically used as a tool for rationalizing or excusing everything else you’ve been saying.

Always do exactly what the person tells you to do, even if it seems strange or Wrong

When people tell you what they want from you, even if it feels strange to do exactly what they say without questioning anything about why they want that specific thing, then at least give it a shot because doing all of this will help other people respect your opinion and listening skills more than usual. 


Effective Communication Course Advance Your Career

Our effective communication course builds your skills and advances your career. Our Course and essentials enlighten people to learn the convincing tactics of conversations. Getting to know what you’re talking about is a lot more important than following whatever advice the people give you. 

Speak with Confidence- Improve your communication skills!

In this course, you’ll discover useful communication strategies for effective workplace collaboration and learn how to navigate positive collaboration in the modern workplace. Reflect on your own personal communication style with strong interpersonal skills. You will learn how to manage and control challenging conversations by matching your communication style to your project goals. Through this course, you will get a chance to explore how to gain and build trust through the magic of words and how the power of effective communication develops cooperation. 

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to create a foundation for effective communication
  • Understand how emotions, body, and language can make or break your communication
  • Know about the six Speech Acts
  • Learn how and when to make effective Declarations.
  • And much more...

Course Content


  • Effective Communication
  • Learning and Language
  • Ontological Learning
  • 400 Years Ago
  • The Human Being
  • Phenomenon Of Language
  • Introducing Speech Acts

Speech Acts – Part 1 – Requests / Offers / Promises

Speech Acts – Part 2 – Assertions / Assessments / Declarations


Body Dispositions

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