Meditation is the Proven Way to Improve your Health!

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“To listen entails a fundamental letting go of self-centeredness. We have to be willing to put down our own thoughts, views, and feelings temporarily to truly listen.”

– Oren Jay Sofer –

Meditation is the Proven Way to Improve your Health!

Mindfulness is sometimes associated with quiet, formal practices. The reason for this may be because we typically associate mindfulness with being an inward pursuit – and in a sense it is. When we practice mindfulness deeply, we are more mindful of ourselves and our surroundings, which impacts not just our relationships but also our introspection.

Mindful Relationships

Mindfulness has traditionally been defined as paying attention, on purpose, moment-to-moment without judgment. Meditation teaches us formal practices for cultivating awareness of body sensations, emotions and thoughts so that we may cultivate peace. But there’s nothing about mindfulness that requires formal practice; mindful awareness can happen informally throughout our daily experiences. How mindful are you when you’re eating dinner, having a conversation or spending time with family and friends? How present are you when you’re working, shopping, driving or listening to someone speak? The more aware we become of our moment-to-moment experience as it unfolds, the less likely we are to be anxious about what comes next.

Getting Out of Our Negative Minds

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings, Meditation practice helps to reconnect with awareness so that I can meet whatever arises in a compassionate way. But any moment is an opportunity to drop into mindfulness if we remember how this works.

Taking a Breath and Stepping Out of Judgement

The first step in practicing mindfulness is to pause, take a deep breath and bring awareness to what we’re feeling. We may begin by noticing how our body feels or by scanning through physical sensations while taking a few slow breaths. If we have an urge to judge, resist the temptation by stepping back from the urge and recognizing that it’s just an old habit that’s no longer serving us.

Letting Go of Negative Self-Talk

When we practice mindfulness, we notice when our minds are hijacked by self-judgmental thinking. When this happens, we can shift our lives with a conscious choice not to feed negative stories or hurtful assumptions about ourselves and others. We can choose to focus instead on one thing that brings us pleasure.

Learning from Our Emotions

Informal mindfulness practice increases our capacity for empathy, connection and compassion with others—and ourselves. It’s actually a skill we can develop by learning how emotions work, about our strengths and limitations as well as the ways of the mind. When we’re more aware of feelings as they come and go, it becomes easier to manage them rather than being overwhelmed by what feels like an out-of-control emotional roller coaster. We learn along the way to ride life’s waves with greater ease and enjoyment.

Slowing Down Is Everything!

When we slow down to pay attention to what’s happening in the present moment, we connect with the world around us. We may notice how much time we spend racing to get here and there, always waiting for something else. Every time we slow down, we make space for whatever is truly important in our lives. And when we do this, life begins to feel more precious.

The Art of Connection

Mindfulness practice gives us skills that open our hearts and minds—and help us create deep connections with others. If you’re willing to be curious about your mind and body, you can learn how to work with pain instead of suffering from it. Every interaction brings the opportunity for practising mindfulness, which means that every relationship can benefit from being mindful too!

Meditation is one of the most proven ways to improve your health. You can do it in your house or outside, in a room with no windows or by a lake. All you need is some free time and some willpower to get started.

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and relieve stress, but did you know the practice can have some other benefits on your life as well? We have compiled some of these surprising and proven ways how meditation will help improve your day-to-day life.

Meditation Makes You More Productive

  • Meditation Makes You More Productive

Meditation doesn’t just make you happier; it also makes you more productive at work! Studies have shown that meditation helps people focus better. It has even helped truckers stay awake on the road. Allowing employees to meditate during breaks or meditation rooms in the workplace is a good option for maximizing productivity among workers. 

  • Meditation Can Increase Your Energy Levels

It might seem strange to think that sitting down with eyes closed could actually cause you to feel revitalized and refreshed. And, indeed, it might seem a little counterintuitive – but science is on the side of meditation here! Meditation can release serotonin and dopamine into your system, giving you that natural “high” that some folks call euphoria.

In addition, those who meditate often report deeper sleep at night as well as increased energy levels throughout the day! They also experience less anxiety, stress and depression too. This all results from releasing endorphins through meditation.

    . Sleep Meditation Improves Health!

Meditation has been around for centuries now and it can clear up your mind and allow you to focus on what’s truly important in life – finding yourself again. Meditation can also lower your blood pressure, help with sleeping problems and even reverse the aging process!

Now you must be wondering how to do it. Meditation is a very easy job to do! All you need is a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Most people like to sit cross-legged on their yoga mats in front of plants or candles during mediation.


Meditation is adapted from an approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT). Meditation focuses on mindfulness, grounding, and self-compassion– Meditation can help you turn off the worry alarm ringing more effectively than other meditations. 

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