Meditation Success – 10 mins for Wealthy Inner Journeys

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About Course

Practising Mindfulness Meditation leads to good health and wellbeing solutions. Enjoy this 10-minute guided mindfulness meditation to enhance your creativity and build confidence. Boost your creative energy with the powerful meditation practices with Sureself.

A Sneak Peek into the Mindfulness Meditation Mantra!

Kickstart your day with Sureself’s morning guided meditation for confidence and success. Meditation is a practice that artfully balances life and work pressure, the positive energy of meditation sets your intention to achieve your ideal day. Sureself’s Meditation Framework reprograms your brain for amazing success while you sleep with the subliminal peaceful affirmations.

Master the Art of Mindfulness Meditation!

Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience, Sureself cultivates a sense of inner peace and power of positive thinking. Maintaining a state of mindfulness leads to a relaxed state of wellbeing and maximum productivity. We all need a boost from time to time, while it might be tempting to chug an extra shot of espresso. But meditation evolves the inner voice that speaks to us when fear and 

Uncertainty bothers us. That inner voice craves peaceful meditation time. 

What Meditation Offers?

Sureself continuously strives for the betterment of your physical and psychological well-being. In a world where our senses are dulled by stress, Sureself’s Meditation is here to solve your problem, the framework of the course speaks of the opportunity to nourish your wellbeing for relaxation and heightened awareness.

Suresel’s Meditation is Proven to Relieve Stress

Our course is a perfect remedy for people who have anger and short temperament issues. Meditation for anger and frustration has the potential effects to help you get the desired stress relief.

Sureself’s Meditation Course is a Perfect Blend of Meditation Practices to Improve Physical Wellbeing and Emotional Health!

Our Educators and mental health experts have developed a perfect blend of practices for meditation courses. Sureself’s meditation practise offers a chance to improve physical wellbeing, as well as emotional health. 

For someone who meditates, the Sureself’s Meditation practise offers a chance to improve physical wellbeing, as well as emotional health.  Sureself’s Meditation is a must-try for all people out there who are continuously looking for a soothing and relaxing solution to all their stress-related problems. If you are the one who has been adversely affected by extreme anger, frustration, resentment, and interpersonal conflict in the past. Then SureSelf is for you!

Course Contents and Review

Sureself’s Meditation Course contains over 50 lectures and is designed to incorporate a meditation practice into your busy existence.

Each segment of the course comes with introduction and assessment videos, so you can exercise what you study inside the sections.

Phase #1– Learn about the potential advantages of meditation that may be possible for you. Within each phase of meditation, you’ll discover several subtypes to practice.

Phase #2 In this phase, we’ll simply take a plunge into a ten-minute meditation practice that will get you started right away! With this easy guided meditation, you will aim high without getting into the trap of intruding worries or thoughts.

Phase #3 In this phase, we’ll test some of the key frameworks of meditation that would particularly assist all along and will get you closer to the goal of human existence. This phase will also test the 8-limbs of traditional yoga.

Phase #4– To get you closer to inner satisfaction and peace, in this phase, you’ll discover different ways how to deepen your meditation practices easily.

Phase #5 – With guided meditations, you’ll take control of your emotions and learn how to dive within yourself.

Phase #6 – Congratulations! You’ve reached the finish line and finally, you are ready to face the challenges with sheer confidence.

Phase #7 – This segment will incorporate other resources and supplementary substances that will help you all along the journey to inner peace. 


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What Will You Learn?

  • Find out about the framework that shapes the foundation of classical yoga and meditation.
  • Find out how "meditation" suits classical yoga schooling.
  • Master the number 1 ability for successful meditation practice: interest!
  • Direct attention consciously to observe thoughts and emotions.
  • Find out about the ideal meditation pose and a way to adjust yourself to it.
  • Enhance your Sanskrit vocabulary.

Course Content

Successful Meditation – Introduction To This Course And What’s Expected From You

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Course Outline
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Testimonials
  • Warning! Action Is Required!
  • Potential Hurdles
  • My Mission & Philosophy
  • Reflection & Enquiry
  • Action Steps – Module 1

10 Minute Meditation – Establishing The Baseline

The Big Picture – Identifying The Vedic Frameworks

Setting Up Your Meditation Space – Physical & Mental Comfort And The 5 Elements

Guided Meditations And Visualizations

Resources & Supplementary Materials – Suggested Books, Worksheets, Vocabulary

[MP3] Supplementary Audio Resources

Conclusion & Next Steps

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