14-Day Meditation Habit

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Take part in this 14-day Meditation course. You only have to spend 10 minutes every day on this practice and the benefits are enormous.

During these 14 days, you will learn how to connect with your true self, achieve inner peace and become one within yourself. You will also become more compassionate towards others by developing an unconditional love for all creatures. By finishing the course, you will experience a strong boost in your life energy flow which is what will lead you towards happiness and success!

What does this Course include?

The daily meditations consist of guided audio exercises that are simple yet effective. They help you find deeper relaxation while increasing both spiritual awareness and inner strength. Everyone can enjoy the wonderful effects of meditation regardless of age, gender or religion.

During this 14-day Meditation course, you will receive a new guided meditation every morning for fourteen days. These meditations are recorded by our expert, who is an experienced yoga teacher and reiki master with more than ten years of experience in meditation techniques.

Meditation is not only an Excellent Way to Relieve Stress!

Meditation can be difficult when you first start, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy. If you are serious to get started then simply follow the following steps, you will find that meditating is not only an excellent way to relieve stress and make yourself feel amazing, but it is also really fun!

How to Get Started?

STEP 1: Find a quiet place

It is important to find a quiet place with no distractions when you are trying to calm your mind for meditation. Turn off your cellphone and close any windows or doors. If there are other people in your room that are distracting you, ask them if they could leave for the duration of your practice because their presence can cause unwanted thoughts to cross your mind which can be very distracting.

STEP 2: Sit comfortably

You should probably have a straight back to sit up straight with your hands flat on your legs. If you wish, you could also meditate lying down or in a chair. Just make sure that if you lie down, it is not because you are tired from doing something else and feel the need to take a nap because this makes meditation harder since you will be very likely to fall asleep during your session. Here’s a pose that I find comfortable:

STEP 3: Close your eyes

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Notice the feeling of air going through your nose, down to your lungs and back up again. Then let it out slowly through your mouth. Don’t worry about controlling your breath, just relax into it naturally. Also try not to analyze how you are breathing too much; this can be distracting. 

STEP 4: Focus on an object

Now that you’re in a relaxed state, focus on imagining something that brings you peace or joy (it could be anything like a white light or even space). When thoughts enter your head (and they will), push them away by refocusing on the object you chose.

If you choose to lie down for your practice then maybe try putting a pillow under your knees for support because it can get uncomfortable after half an hour or so of laying flat on your back without any support. Another thing that can help if you decide on a chair, is to put your feet on the ground and lean back slightly so you’re not leaning forward at all and be sure to rock yourself back and forth on your legs for a minute or two before starting. This can help ease any tension in your hips and reduce the chances of getting lower back pain.

Now You Can Start Meditating!

We hope that these steps will help you, mediation has been such an amazing experience for me that it would just be sad if others had difficulty with getting started. Everyone should try meditation because it is such an amazing feeling once you finally achieve it. So good luck and we cannot wait to see you enrolled in our 14 Day Meditation Course!


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What Will You Learn?

  • Create a day by day meditation habit over 14 days
  • Improve your sleep
  • Reduce your stress Increase your focus
  • Enhance your self-awareness
  • Develop mental flexibility

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