5 Ways A Growth Mindset Can Transform Your Life

Nowadays we see an increased level of life dissatisfaction, high stress levels, lack of gratitude, and an overwhelming feeling of stagnation. All of It negatively influences productivity, decision-making power, ability to problem solve and regulate oneself according to the demands of the situation. Hence, there is a deep need to improve one’s mindset.

According to Dr. Carol Dweck, there is a growth mindset and then there is a fixed mindset. Basically, a mindset has the power to influence our course of action and how we solve problems in life. People who have a fixed mindset have the limited capability to solve problems whereas people who have a growth mindset can use multiple strategies to tackle their issues. 

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The Exigency of a Growth Mindset 

A growth mindset is about looking at the world with an open mind. A person with a growth mindset thinks that intelligence and qualities are not permanent and can be changed with effort. The importance of a growth mindset cannot be underestimated when one knows its benefits. The benefits of a growth mindset include boosted resilience, openness to new challenges, and enhanced productivity. For the individual, it also means that they enjoy good mental and physical health. From a long-term perspective, it has the power to increase life span. It is a valid conclusion to make because individuals with a growth mindset make effort and take the necessary steps to take care of their health. 


How Does a Growth Mindset Transform a Person’s Life?

1.Upgrades Mental Health

We know that a growth mindset boosts self-confidence because the person believes in their inner power to deal with the challenges of the world. According to the research published in Science Direct, it was found that growth mindset intervention (believing habits and qualities can change) reduced the symptoms of anxiety and depression. The total number of participants was ninety-six and the age range was 12 to 15 years. The intervention was 30 minutes long and it enhanced the perceived sense of control of the respondents. Thus, a growth mindset can positively influence mental health. 

2. Promotes Self-confidence

There was research done on three variables of academic performance, type of mindset, and self-esteem. It was found that the participants who had a fixed mindset were not able to see improvement in their performance whereas respondents who had a growth mindset were able to improve their performance significantly. In this way, they experienced a boost in their self-esteem. Another research published in Science Daily was done on undergraduate student participants. There was a total of two hundred and thirty-eight students in the research study. A group of participants comprising 120 people were given videos to watch regarding growth mindset to boost their entrepreneurial ability. The other group of students composed of 118 students was given another set of videos to watch. These videos had demotivating and false information regarding entrepreneurship. Researchers found out that the intervention did not have any impact on the respondents directly or indirectly. 

However, data collected in the follow-ups showed that the intervention had a significant impact on the participants who had watched videos about growth mindset. It means that they were able to find new business opportunities and improve their success rate. Consequently, a growth mindset upgraded the level of confidence. 

3. Facilitates Staying in the Moment

Meditation sessions can only be effective if someone has a growth mindset. It is because any meditation session is like an adventure. So, one finds new strengths about themselves in a session. They can find new strengths or suppressed emotion that needs processing. A growth mindset will help them come up with appropriate strategies to deal with the situation. 


4. Boosts Charisma

Imagine a charismatic person. How do they behave with others? They can easily have deep conversations with others and develop a strong bond. They have the power to inspire others and help others find themselves. Another important quality that they have is curiosity. It originates from their growth mindset. It shows that they are genuinely interested in others. In this way, they can talk about different topics with others. 

5. Enhances Problem Solving Skills

It is obvious that an attitude toward progress and development empowers one to solve the problems of their life effectively. For instance, if they find that they lack public speaking skills, they are able to come up with appropriate strategies that can help them tackle the issue. Some experts recommend the following steps to solve issues in life. The aim behind the following steps is to make the person independent in solving their issues. 

  1. Elaborate on the problem: Sit down in a distraction-free room and ponder on the problem that you are facing. For example, you are facing financial difficulties.
  2. Come up with different solutions: Different solutions that can be appropriate for the problem are acquiring new skills, and finding a new job accordingly.
  3. Check for alternative possibilities: An alternative option that can help in solving the problem is doing your own business and becoming independent in this way.
  4. Pick a suitable for the problem: See what is suitable according to your needs and the situation. You can search for a job or establish your own business.  
  5. Execute the solution: Work on the solution and see what happens. If you need to do some tweaks to the first solution picked, it can prove to be helpful. 
  6. Check the effectiveness of the solution: Notice how the solution worked and see if you need to make any changes according to the demands of the situation. 


The Do’s & Don’ts for a Growth Mindset

  • Individuals should keep in mind that a growth mindset takes consistent effort, they should not lose hope and keep striving to be the best.
  • Beginners can use sticky notes as reminders to adopt growth mindset habits. They can also use a  journal to keep track of their progress. 
  • Do not forget to be kind to yourself on the journey of self-development. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, a growth mindset has great importance for steady progress and development in life. A growth mindset can increase the frequency of positive emotions, improve self-awareness, and quality of relationships. It helps reduce stress and increase inner peace. Consequently, individuals can opt for courses offered by the platform of Sureself that can help them improve their mindset. 

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