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Sensible Anger Control-Take Control, Be Effective

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About Course

Welcome to the SureSelf’s Sensible Anger Management Course. Here we are going to unleash the control strategy for the triggers of anger and the ways to deal with resentful situations amicably. Getting some support to deal with your anger issues is always a better option to go for. Anger is a misunderstood emotion! It’s widely assessed to be an unfavorable emotion with violent dispositions.
Sureself helps people with a variety of personality dilemmas, including anger issues, and other areas as well such as depression, stress, and social anxiety. So if you have any personality issue you’d like to work on, Sureself is a great option. 

We offer a variety of therapies and worksheets to help you stay in control of your emotions and thoughts. If you have experienced the negative consequences of mishandled anger, then SureSelf’s anger management course would help you develop practical wisdom. This insightful class is filled with both practical wisdom and application that will end the anger trap.


Impulsive Rage Management

People usually stress out because of their short temperaments and bad management of anger. But SureSelf is here to rescue you from your issues of impulsive rage and anger disorder.

The answer to ‘why am I so short tempered’ and ‘how to deal with short temper’ lies in this course, where you’ll experience the proven ways to envision yourself as a calm person who can handle even the worse conditions without getting furious, with SureSelf learn how to manage your anger better for your personality enrichment.

What the Whole Course Culminates!

This course contains forty+ lectures and it is specifically designed to help you learn the key points to control your anger issues and manage annoyance. 

The purpose of this course is to educate the masses about effective anger management and how to deal with the worst circumstances. The more you exercise and follow what you learned within the sections, the more you become less desperate to show your resentment and can nicely control your emotions.

In this course, you’ll witness how necessary it is to stay calm and peaceful in daily life, no matter what comes across you. 


Our Sensible Anger Management classes cover a variety of information, including:

  1. What anger looks and feels like, where it comes from and how it adversely affects your life
  2. How to loosen the grip of anger so you can get your life back
  3. How to increase your emotional intelligence so you can have healthier relationships at home, and at work
  4. How to regulate the emotions and deal with angry feelings
  5. Deep breathing exercises in this course will calm you down
  6. You’ll not only learn how to maintain your perspective and composure but also how to put these things into practice in your everyday life
  7. How Anger Management Course would help you problem-solve how to respond to situations when you’re angry

Anger Management Identifies Triggers and Responses

Anger Management therapy helps you to develop a better understanding of the root causes of anger and what factors are responsible to bolster the expressions of anger. With this therapy, you would be able to address the current and past triggers for anger and your responses to it. Anger Management course looks at the consequences or aftereffects of anger to yourself and your relationships. 

Learning Strategies to Diffuse Anger

You can learn effective strategies to control your anger or manage your response to it through anger management therapy. Through forgiveness and compassion, you can let hurts and disappointments go away. Our course helps you to repair and accept damaged relationships.

What Anger Management Therapy Can Help With!

Anger Management therapy can help anyone who experiences rage or has angry outbursts. Anger Management course can help improve your life..

1. Mental health:

Anger Management course can overcome the mental illness conditions like depression and anxiety. Depression and anger cloud your judgment and deplete your focus. 

2. Physical health:

Anger can take a toll on your health and manifests physical weakness like increased muscle tension and increased heartbeat.

Anger Management Courses are a proven way to Control Anger!

Anger management courses are a proven way to control anger. So, take a look at our course that offers information on anger management and find out how you can reduce your temper tantrums. In many modern societies, anger is not only seen as an unpleasant experience but also as something dangerous and harmful for the persons who experience it and those around them.


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What Will You Learn?

  • Find about the “electricity” at the back of the emotion of anger
  • Understand the 3 classifications of anger used by modern-day psychologists; from “defensive” to “linguistic” to “ masculine or feminine traits”
  • Learn the O-A-R style utilized in Ontological coaching
  • ** VERY useful ** Discover ways to “step into” and “step out” of “anger” and its related feelings
  • Discover ways to master anger and take control of its strength
  • Learn to manage anger with 30 “contrary” feelings of anger
  • Find out about the eight rungs of the “violence ladder” used by Dr Ronald Potter-Efron
  • Learn in brief about the B-E-L styles utilized in Ontological training
  • Downloadable and menage PDF worksheets to help you manage the emotion of anger

Course Content

Welcome To The Course

  • “Thank you” and “Welcome” To This Course!
  • Two Frameworks Of Understanding – BEL and OAR Models
  • [Activity] Congratulations & Action Steps

Not Just “Anger” But Annoyance, Irritability, Rage, Fury And More…

Classifying Anger And The “Ladder Of Violence”

Invite Anger Into Your Life By Stepping Into AND Out Of Anger…

Videos From”Master Emotions; Declare Happiness And Satisfaction In Life”

Conclusion To “Anger Management” And Your Next Steps

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