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Mastering the Attitude of Gratitude

Life can be an emotional rollercoaster for many people. The lows, especially the lowest lows, such as losing a job or experiencing an illness that changes your life and career forever, can certainly bring an individual to an even lower low: feeling like they don’t matter.

People do not feel good about themselves when they’re in this situation; an attitude of gratitude can help an individual climb back up the emotional rollercoaster.

Gratitude, an attitude that is part emotion and part mindfulness, is an occasional reminder to an individual about how good life actually is, not just compared to some of the worst moments in an individual’s life, but even compared to their best memories. It helps an individual approach life from a more positive place when they can be an active observer in their own lives.

In an article for Psychology Today, Steven Fruitsmaak wrote about an attitude of gratitude, and how an attitude of gratitude made a big difference after he lost his job . He noticed that people began to treat him differently after losing his job, and an attitude of gratitude helped explain why those around him were treating him differently. He wrote, “A lot of it comes from an unspoken feeling that I now must be more ‘approachable’. After all, what’s the point in currying favor with someone who isn’t going anywhere?” (Fruit Smaak).
After losing his job and suffering from an illness, Fruit Smaak decided to start running. He eventually ran a marathon, which changed his life. Fruit Smaak wrote an article for The New York Times about an attitude of gratitude and running. He explained how an attitude of gratitude helped him during his illness, and an attitude of gratitude also made the marathon more bearable.

How Attitude of Gratitude Evolves You as a Different Person?

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful emotion, and it directly affects your happiness. An attitude of gratitude majorly influences a stronger immune system, optimism, and compassion for others. In this course, you will learn simple and applicable tools to develop an attitude of gratitude. After getting familiar with the power of gratitude, it would be easy to make it a daily habit. The attitude of Gratitude would make you develop stronger relationships with your peers and family. Being successful at your workplace with a satisfying inner feel is something that we look forward to most.

What You’ll Learn in this Course?

In this set of courses, we’ll start off with a simple introduction to the attitude of gratitude, and how to cultivate gratitude in yourself over time. Developing an Attitude of Gratitude will become habitual by incorporating it in daily life. We will give you a ride to self-exploration and how taking your goodness for granted creates a sense of entitlement, and is detrimental to your happiness. We will go deeper in this course with the enlightened mindset to maintain a greater appreciation for life and discuss how to bring the best version of ourselves to life. 

Taking the human body as a gift rather than just a miraculous construction, we will see it through the lens of gratitude. Together, we will consciously embrace what we have in this life, and bring an underlying sense of joy and success. Each of us should explore where we stand on the gratitude spectrum.

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What Will You Learn?

  • What Is Gratitude?
  • Gratitude Goes Back A Long Way
  • What Should You Be Grateful For
  • Looking At The Small Things Around You
  • Putting Things In Perspective
  • Gratitude Leads To Abundance
  • Learn From The Law Of Attraction
  • Developing A Gratitude Mindset
  • The Benefits Of A Gratitude Mindset
  • Maintaining A Gratitude Journal
  • Gratitude And Empowerment
  • How You Can Learn Gratitude
  • Developing The Habits Of Gratitude
  • Gratitude Journal Meditation
  • Practicing Gratitude In Your Daily Life
  • Power Of Gratitude In Relationships
  • Gratitude Best Practices
  • And Much More!

Course Content

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  • Introduction


What to be grateful for?

The path of gratitude leads to abundance

Developing a gratitude mindset


Learn gratitude

Developing gratitude

Practicing gratitude

Gratitude in relationships

Best practices


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